Sunday, December 7, 2008

Other Countries

In this brief post, I would like to just share a few examples I have of other countries' propaganda during WWII. I had difficulty finding these, due to language barriers and simply not knowing what to look for. First, I'd like to share a picture in which Japan used manga to illustrate and dehumanize the enemy- U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Special thanks to Steven Palumbo for providing the picture.
Unfortunately, this manga was under glass so I currently do not know anything about this particular piece, other than F.D.R. being some sort of monster.

Another very facinating picture is from Russia. Special thanks to Valentina Udovika for translating:
"1. Is this all you are capable of? -or able to do
2. I offered you friendship, but you preferred to start a war. now I came to destroy you
3. (left) Caucasian (meaning from Caucasis mountains - hope I spell it right) untermensh (no idea what that is, probably german).
(right) now I'm on the peak of power."

This is a panel from a full comic about Stalin and his enemy, Hitler having super powers and facing off. A very interesting take on propaganda- That is, showing the might and strength of the fearless leader, and how the opponent is also strong, but it is certain that he shall fall.

In a few hours, I will put up Part 2 of Superman and Batman.

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